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Principal unique way of welcoming children to school for first day: Gadchiroli

Principle taking procession to student house with band-baja


Right from the beginning of the lockdown schools and colleges are closed which has had a profound effect on the education of the children in remote villages like Gadchiroli. The situation in Gadchiroli has always remained worrisome as it is considered as the Red Corridor due to the Maoist stronghold in the area.

As the lockdown eases, the schools and colleges are opening slowly. The Principal and teachers of Gadchiroli has came up with a unique idea to instil the interest for the education at school among the children.

Nagpur: To celebrate their first day to school, the Principal along with teachers are going to students houses, playing drums and distributing gifts.

Anyone will be confused on seeing some people going with balloon, bouquets, books, boxes of chocolate and playing drum to a students house. This is actually an initiative by Vineet Padmavar who is Zilla parishad school principle of Gadchiroli. He was taking this procession to a student, Harish Vasudev Habka a six year old boy, who had enrolled newly to the Panchayat School.

Principal Vineet Padmavar did this to inculcate interest in the newly enrolled six children. He said that he will move to all the six students in the same way giving them gifts and balloons in Band-Baja style.

The villages of Gadchiroli are security sensitive due to strong hold of Naxalites. So it is very important to keep the interest of the students alive towards their study and schools.

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