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Legendary Actor Dilip Kumar hospitalised for breathing problem, friends and family wishing for speedy recovery

The actor looks much healthier and fit in his life, even after attaining the age of 98, Friends and family wishing for speedy recovery.


Legendary Actor Dilip Kumar has been hospitalised for the second time after complaining the same problem of breathlessness. He has been admitted to Intensive care unit (ICU) and under the surveillance of expert doctors, hospital source told to Press Trust of India (PTI).

The 98-year-old veteran Actor Dilip Kumar admitted to Hinduja Hospital on Tuesday. He was taken to the hospital after he complained of breathing problem. It’s same problem for which Dilip Kumar was admitted to the same hospital in Mumbai in June 6.

Two weeks before, Actor Dilip Kumar was diagnosed with bilateral pleural effusion, that is due to excess increase of fluid between the layers of the pleura beside the lungs. He was earlier discharged from the hospital on June 11, after the successful pleural aspiration procedure.

Even after attaining the age of 98, the actor looks much healthier and fit in his life. Just due to breathing problem he was admitted to the hospital and friends, family, Bollywood is praying for his speedy recovery.

His family and friends used their twitter handle to express their concern. Dilip Kumar’s wife Saira Banu has also thanked the well wishers for praying for his recovery.

Dilip kumar is best known for his performance in classics. He has performed legendary role in the classical movies like Kohinoor, Ram Aur Shyam, Naya Daur, Mughal-E-Azam and many more. Dilip kumar was last seen on the set of Qila which was released in 1998.

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