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Mahoba Bride rejects the Groom in seventh round of fire during marriage ceremony: Uttar Pradesh


It seems that there is trend developing to reject the Groom. Recently we have also come across such news where a Bride rejects her grooms because he could not recite ‘table of two‘ and in another case rejected because groom could not read news paper without spectacles, we must learn to tolerate a bit.

A Bride denied to marry after sixth round of taking oath. The marriage procession reached the bride’s house in Mahoba from Madurai village of Jhansi. The procession were given warm welcome even Dwarpuja and Jaimal ceremony was also done. But at last groom had to return back without marriage, bizarre.

‘I do not like Groom’ on Seventh round of Fire

The strange incident happened in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh. Everything was going very well in the marriage Mnadap. During this, bride and groom were about to complete their seven rounds of fire which means living together till seven births. But as this was going, the bride suddenly refused to move for the seventh round. On asking the reason she cited ‘I do not like the groom, so I will not be married to him’.

This incident took place on Thursday, and the procession had to return back to the village after the panchayat.

Bride rejects groom

The bride and the baraatis were given a warm welcome. All the rituals were going on one after the other according to the customs. Now when it was turn of seven rounds of Fire, the bride shockingly refused to make the seventh round as she did not liked the groom.

Panchayat was held in the midnight

People from both the sides tried to solve the situation but she refused. Later in the midnight Panchayat was also arranged at the house of former village pradhan, Umashankar Mishra. She did not agreed, even after hours of counseling.

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