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UP : BJP MP Thrashed BJP MLA with Shoes After Not Finding His Name on Foundation Stone


Sant Kabir Nagar, UP, members of BJP fought in a meeting of District Action Plan committee.

The incident took place between the 2 members of BJP, Member of Parliament Sharad Tripathi and Mehndawal MLA Rakesh Singh.

Media reported that, the shameless fight happened when Tripathi did not find his name on the foundation stone. Tripathi was asking to the officers but suddenly the MLA pitched in saying, ask me.

The fight between 2 BJP personal became so furious that Tripathi also hit MLA with shoes slippers, and they also abused each other.

Media reported that, during the fight Minister Ashutosh Tandan, Local DM and other senior officials was also there. They get shocked when all these shameless act happened.

Due to the fight, meeting abruptly canceled. The fight was finally controlled by the Minister and officials there.

After the incident, MLA Rakesh Singh with the supporters protested at DM office demanding arrest of MP Sharad Tripathi.

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