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Former Miss India Rajasthan Priyanka Choudhary arrested for sextortion


Priyanka who was winner in 2019 Miss India Rajasthan, should have worked to set-up an example for the society. At one side she has broken the trust between the family, while on other side she has threatened a businessman to implicate in false rape case for money and property.

Former Miss India Rajasthan Priyanka Choudhary has been arrested by Rajasthan Police on the late night on 11 Jun (this year) for extortion of money and property from a businessman by threatening to implicate in a false rape case. The Rajsthan High Court has rejected her bail application.

According to the police, on June 3, a businessman Ghasilal filed a complained against Former Miss India Rajasthan Priyanka Choudhary alleging that she is demanding a 400 sq-yard plot and have already bigger amount time-on-time. According to the complaint, she met the businessman in year 2016 and asked for a rental flat.

After which Priyanka made a good family relations and bought jewellery worth lakhs of rupees and took several lakhs of rupees for his needs. And the greed of the woman got increased on time and she now threatening to implicate in a false case has asked for a plot of 400 square yards.

Priyanka had also filled a case against the businessman on May 21.

Jai Singh, head constable of Shyama Nagar police station, said that they had met five years ago and the businessman had given them a house on rent for temporary accommodation.

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