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Is Kochhar influencing the investigation of Videocon scam!


The officer is being transferred who has signed the FIR against Chanda Kochhar whose name is involved in Videocon Scam.

Chanda Kochhar former CEO ICICI Bank

Chanda Kochhar is former CEO and MD of ICICI Bank. Reported by media, CBI raided multiple places last week, after the FIR registered.

Arun Jaitley after the raid advised the CBI to be more professional during investigation and to act on evidences for further investigation. He also spoken that investigation agencies should not act for publicity, people face challenges due to unprofessional act of investigation agencies .

Arun Jaitley

Men Right Activists, has raised voice in regards with Mr Arun Jaitley as what his Involvement is this Case as he never came upfront while requesting for an Fair Investigation when it comes to DOWRY, Rape or other Crimininal Matters.

Activists then further said that laws should be same for all citizens and thus investigation should be fair for all irrespective of gender however at this Critical stage speaking about Kochhar has raised different questions.

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