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Female friend arrested for poisoning district Judge of Betul and his elder son


Betul district judge and his elder son died after consumption of Chapatis made of poisonous wheat flour. Police has arrested 5 persons including the Judge’s female friend in the murder conspiracy.

Betul Additional District and Sessions Judge (ADJ) Mahendra Tripathi (56) died on Sunday while his elder son Abhiyanraj (33) died on Saturday night on way to Nagpur for treatment.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Simala Prasad revealed the death conspiracy, and confirmed the arrest of 5 accused in the case. According to police, ADJ Mahendra Tripathi died due to consumption of the Chapati made of wheat flour which was poisoned by Tripathi’s female friend Sandhya Singh. Also that, Sandhya conspired to end the ADJ’s entire family.

Police revealed that, Sandhya Singh is also running an NGO, and was in contact with Tripathi for last 10 years, when he was posted in Chhindwara. During the interrogation, she confessed mixing of poison in the wheat flour.

Shandya confesses that she was angry for not being able to meet Tripathi after his family came to stay with him in Betul. She also confessed that, Tripathi was demanding his money back from her.

In the police investigation, it revealed that, Shandya took the wheat flour from the ADJ Tripathi, for performing a puja for him to get “rid of all his problems”, then after two days she returned the wheat flour which the Chapati was made.

The judge and his 2 sons ate the Chapatis made from the same wheat flour while the judge’s wife had eaten only rice. The ADJ younger son also vomited but his condition is stable now.

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