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Honeytrap in Bhopal: Girl called social media friend for a meeting, boyfriend made VIDEO from behind the curtains


Bhopal police has arrested a couple who were trapping a young man in their sextortion net by honeytraping the young. The boyfriend hiding behind the curtain made a video of it and put pressure on the young man to marry the girl, later demanded Rs 20L by threatening to make the video viral.

Vicious Pooja aka Divya Bedia (22) and Ahmedpur’s resident Rajkumar Meena (24) a farmer by profession befriended through Facebook. Just after a few days of friendship, both shared mobile numbers. This led to the meeting on October 11, the girl called the young man to meet her at Housing Board Colony, Nishatpura. When the he came to meet the girl, she took him to her room and asked him to have a physical relationship to which the young man refused.

On this, the girl took off her clothes and started establishing a forceful relationship. All this was being recorded by the boyfriend Manish, who was already hiding behind the curtains in the room.

After a while, when Raj Kumar left the room for his town Manish followed him. He introduced himself to Rajkumar as Divya’s boyfriend and showed videos on mobile. Manish threatened Rajkumar to get married. When Raj Kumar refused, he demanded Rs 20 lakh and also threatened to leak the video if the money was not received. This scared Raj Kumar and he asked for time to raise the money.

Reached with 1 lakh rupees

On Wednesday, Rajkumar informed the police about the whole matter. On Thursday, Rajkumar told Manish that Rs 1 lakh has been arranged.

On Thursday, as Rajkumar arrived with the money, the police caught the accused Manish. After this the police also arrested Pooja.

25 audios of conversation between the two were found

The police have collected 25 audios from Manish’s mobile which are conversations between Pooja-Rajkumar. Out of 25 one of them is demanding money. Police will also check Pooja’s mobile to know how many people she has trapped in this way. The video of Rajkumar has also been taken in the investigation by the police.

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