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Bihar’s new mountain man Longi Bhuyan made a three-kilometer long canal by cutting mountain


Longi Bhuinya now popularly known as a new mountain man, who proved the saying “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

One day when Longi Bhuinya, a resident of Kothilwa village was grazing goats on the Bangetha mountain adjacent to his village a thought came to his mind that if water comes into the village, then crops can be grown. And after thirty years of hard work, he brought the water of the mountain to the village pond.

The water was not an issue as this area received heavy rains during the monsoon but all the water get trapped in the middle of the Bangetha mountain. Hence, Longi decided to make a passage for water and he prepared a map to take the water on the mountain to the field. And get started with the work of making a canal by cutting the mountain.

According to his claim, he made a canal three kilometres long, 5 feet wide and three feet deep by running a shovel alone. He completed it in August 2020 and the effect of his hard work was visible during the rainy season of 2020.

Now his great work has blessed the farmers of three nearby villages, people have also grown paddy this time. The water of the canal built by Bhuyan is coming to their fields, now they feel that they can do all kinds of farming.

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