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Son jumped in front of train in family dispute while another train crushed the father who was crying near the dead body


A very dreadful case has come to light from Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh where a father got hit by a train when he was crying seeing his son’s body on the railway track. 

Seeing the son’s body, the father forgot that he was on the railway track. He started crying sitting there. Meanwhile, a speeding train came and crushed the father too.

The deceased, Chhotelal tired from the dispute with his wife, he committed suicide by jumping in front of a moving train. As soon as Mohanlal, the father of the deceased, received the news, he rushed to the railway track and started weeping after seeing the dead body of his son.

While a speedy train came, Chhotelal’s father also got hit by the train and died on the spot. The family of the deceased is deeply shocked by this incident as two members of the family died.

Chhotelal’s age was 36 years old and his father Mohanlal’s age was 60 years. He lived in the Kharagpur village of Hoshangabad and worked as a carpenter. Chhotelal was having a fight with his wife for a long time and that’s why she was living in her maternal house for several months.

The police officer said that the matter is being investigated. After the post-mortem, both the bodies have been handed over to their families.

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