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Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal, 14 year old relationship on the verge of ending


There is always other side story, and it is very commonly seen that the police arrest the husband in most cases. In the Karan-Nisha dispute, after Nisha files a complaint of physical assault, Karan got arrested and later he was released on bail.

Monday night, Nisha Rawal filed a police complaint against her husband Karan Mehra alleging him of physical assault. The Goregaon police then arrested Karan after the complaint later he was released on bail on Tuesday. The other side of the story in the matter that, she himself hit her head on the wall to trap him, Karan said.

Karan said to media that, this was a planned incident, the CCTC was switched off. He said that, when the Neha’s family started shouting on him, then to prove his innocence, he asked them to check the CCTV camera, but they found that the camera was already switched off. He also said that, as he was living in the guest room, so he had no access of the DVR.

Nisha Rawal’s Story

“It’s about my child and me. I got to know about his affair, repeated abuses… I ignored it, because I wanted to keep the marriage intact and I was also worried about his image of Naitik… goody-two-shoes.”, as quoted by Hindustan Times.

Nisha Rawal held a press conference on Tuesday, where she said the she was diagnosed with ‘bipolar disorder’ but ‘not a psycho’.

“Bipolar is a mood disorder which happens due to extreme trauma and it’s genetic sometimes. I was diagnosed with bipolarity and I am not going to lie about it as I am not ashamed about it. But I am not a psycho, it is a mood disorder. And you all know how balanced I am. I create content for the web, I make videos and write about things. I don’t have to prove anything,” she said in the interview.

She also blames Karan for not supporting her when she had a miscarriage in Year 2014.

“In September 2014, I was 5 months pregnant and I lost my child. Recently, I made a Mom’s group where women who lost their child can speak up about it as when I lost my child I did not have anyone to talk about the loss. I wanted to go to my parents and talk to them because it was a very big trauma for me. In the middle of it my husband was beating me up, abusing me, he was unavailable, totally detached and that’s when I went to a therapist. In fact, Karan had stopped me from going to a therapist, he didn’t let me go to a gym, he was very controlling in everything,” she said with media.

Karan Mehra’s Story

He said with media that, there’s a strain in their relationship and they were also amicably talking about divorce. Karan said that, he has just overcome from Corona and still feeling week.

Karan denied the accusations while speaking with a leading daily. He said that her stories are baseless. He also said that, he has not assaulted her. Karan has always focused on his 4-year-old and his child’s future, when there was talk of an amicable divorce between the two.

He also said that, they were also talking about the alimony amount but the couple could not come to any conclusion.

He further said that, she abused him, his parents, his brother and even she spitted on him.

“All these allegations are bound to come up and I will be linked with many people. These stories are baseless. I haven’t cheated on her and I am not having an extramarital affair,” he said with media.

Karan said that, Nisha himself hit her head on the wall to trap him and also threatened her to ‘ruin him’. He claimed that he was living in the guest room and Nisha was sleeping in separate room, and he also claimed that Nisha was living with her mother and a brother (not real brother).

“Nisha barged into my bedroom, as we have been sleeping in separate bedrooms since a while. She began shouting and abusing my family, told me, ‘I will ruin your life’, spat on me and I calmly told her not to behave in this manner and to go back to her bedroom. I didn’t want to talk right then. I got up to go into the bathroom when she suddenly banged her head on the wall and said, ‘ab dekho kya hota’. Actually, Nisha has mood swings and violent anger streak. She would throw stuff and hit herself and others. Five-six years ago, she was diagnosed as bipolar. People, including our friends and relatives, have seen her behaviour in public and I couldn’t take it anymore,” he said in an interview to Hindustan Times.

The police stated to media

Zone 11 DCP Vishal Thakur said, “Karan and Nisha had a fight on Monday night. Nisha rushed to the police station for help and filed a complaint. We registered a case under IPC sections 336, 337, 332, 504 and 506. This is a bailable offence and he was released on bail.”, as quoted by Midday.

Goregaon station police inspector Shivaji Jadhav said that, “On Monday night, complainant Nisha and her husband Karan Mehra both came together to the police station. Nisha said that during the argument Karan abused her and also pushed her against the wall. Nisha suffered injuries on her head. We recorded the statement of both of them.”

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