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IPS Purushottam Sharma suspended after video of quarrel with wife goes viral


September 28, IPS Purushottam Sharma suspended from the post of special director general after a viral video, where he was seen quarrelling with his wife.

This video got so much attention from both social media and traditional media. Then the department served a notice to him to explain the misconduct. Mr Sharma said in his reply that this is a matter of harassment of a man not the harassment of a woman.

“Sharma’s reply to the notice was found unsatisfactory and as a result he has been suspended from the post of special director general with immediate effect,” Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) Home Dr Rajesh Rajora told PTI.

After these hypes IPS Purushottam Sharma was seen trying to prove himself innocent. While speaking to the media, IPS Sharma told them that he was not involved in any domestic violence with his wife. It is some kind of conspiracy against him. He further tells that the recording is doctored and there is an attack from his wife with a scissor and in the defending of that attack he only holds her hand strongly and pushed her.

He also told that he was not a culprit in this case and everything is a type of conspiracy against him. There is someone who put a spy cam inside his house and recorded the vent and processed it with the wrong intention. Mr. Sharma hand was injured in that fight and there were some of his staff who were not interfering with these two people fight.

Later the MP state women’s commission, taking suo-motto cognisance, served a notice to Sharma and asked him to present before the commission.

Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh Narottam Mishra said that he came to know about these whole incidents from media and mass communication. If there will be any complaint against the IPS from his wife then he will take any action towards the incidents. He further told that he doesn’t want to rush in this case without much inquiry and research.

Mr. Sharma’s daughter wrote a letter to the CM of MP and in that letter, she claimed that her mother is suffering from ‘chronic psychiatric disorder’. And all these scenes were created due to her mother’s illness. Further, she said that her mother was always trying to defame her father. It is not a case of a woman facing harassment instead it is a case of a man being harassed.

This incident making a lot of hype in media but both Mr and Mrs Sharma are avoiding talking about the issue.

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