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Ajmer: Young man committed suicide, alleges false complaint by wife and harassment by police


A 26-year-old young man resident of Jakholi village of Ajmer, committed suicide being aggrieved by false complaint of wife on him and harassment by police in family dispute.

The deceased Suresh Meghwal made several videos before he hanged himself from a tree, in which he is also seen crying and worried for his only son. In the video, the deceased Suresh Meghwal alleged false complaint by the wife and harassment by the police.

In one of his video, he raised concern that the police ruins life of men and threatening them just on a mare allegation by wife. He also told in the video that, the police is threatening to beat him and send him to jail. He also questioned the system that how it is acceptable in a family dispute because it is breaking families.

He also said in a video that, he talked about his son, and said that he love him but he has no option left. He asked his relatives to take care of his son after him.

In one video, he said that, his wife fights with him for every single thing and even abuses his parents. He continued, how could she mistreat someone’s parents, they are like her own parents.

he also said that he first got married in year 2018 and the wife’s family asked 2.5 lakh rupees from him which he given them before marriage and also given jewellery, his total expenditure in the marriage was around 6.3 lakh rupees.

He also said that he got married for the first time in the year 2018 and the first wife’s family asked him for Rs 2.5 lakh which he gave before the wedding and also gave jewelry, his total expenditure in the wedding was about Rs 6.3 lakh. He took money from friends to give them, but after all this, his first wife did not stayed with him, and he was beaten when he went to her place to take her back.

He further said that, then the break up between them was possible with the help of local police. He added that, after the month if breakup with his first wife, he got married second time with the hope of a happy and peaceful life, but this was not possible again.

“SHO of Roopangarh police Kawarpal Singh said that the post-mortem was conducted and body was given to the relatives of the deceased. They are investigating about the viral video. Police said they called him to the police station because his second wife had filed a complaint against him. Police said that the woman had given a complaint of thrashing and harassment by him and thus they called him on his mobile to come to the police station.”, TOI published it.

“Meanwhile, after the video went viral, higher police officials directed inquiry on the allegations made in the video. Police in inquiry found that all three videos were made right before he committed suicide as the tree and crop field were the same where his body was found. Relatives of deceased said that they performed Suresh’s funeral and have not registered any complaint.”, TOI oublished it.

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