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Time to review process of law for boys in conflict with the law, after the “Bois Locker Room” Controversy


Delhi : In the “Bois Locker Room” controversy, it indicates that this is time to review process of law for boys who are in conflict with the law, after the action of police and authorities in this matter.

Police and other women protecting agencies get alerted as soon as “Bois Locker Room” controversy went viral on Social Media. The authorities in hurry, detained the admin of the group, a 15-year-old juvenile leaving the process of law behind.

After the investigation in the matter, it came in light that a girl with her changing identity, was abusing the women in the “Bois Locker Room”, which has raised finger on investigation agencies and the DCW.

As this was a matter related to women harassment, the Delhi Commission of Women chief Swati Maliwal issued notice to Delhi police, and the juvenile was detained for further investigation.

It is important here to understand that, it was matter of crime against women where a juvenile was named. The action of police and authorities, indicates that they are sensitive towards women’s rights but at the same time they are least caring for child rights.

While the authorities seen silent on girls but they act in hurry against the boys. Soon after the “Bois Locker Room” went viral on social media, the”Girl Locker Room” was trending but no action was taken against any of the girl.

As soon as police revealed that the boys were not involved in the matter, immediately #ArrestSwatiMaliwal started trending on twitter.

The way authorities acted irresponsible such as the identity of juvenile was revealed, they detained the boy in hurry, while this matter was also related to juvenile. It should have been taken sensitively , and also that juvenile laws talks about the protection of children from all form of trauma.

The system cannot see a juvenile with the same eyes as of adult, even no citizens in India should not be punished for the crime they never committed. As in this matter juvenile were named so this becomes very sensitive issues for society.

After the action, various questions has raised, that there was many boy student in the group, and after detention of the admin, the 15-yesr-old boy, the rest members of the group must be in trauma. So in such situation, the agencies will now give them counselling to come out from trauma and fear.

It is the time to treat our boys sensitively, and more importantly they should not be treated as adults. After all this, there is a need to review the process of law for boys in conflict with the law.

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