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ASCI : Asian Paints to remove advertisement on a Complaint of Mens Activist


Mens Rights activist Amit Deshpande filed a complaint against the advertisement of Asian Paints Damp Proof where wife slaps husband. ASCI has advised Asian Paints to remove the advertisement.

Mr Deshpande, observed this objectionable when the wife slapped her husband in the advertisement. He also mentioned in his complaint that, “it would be a criminal offence, if the similar situation was depicted by reversing gender.

It is also shown in the advertisement that, the wife carrying child when she is slapping husband. Wife action results in the baby getting scared and starts to cry as well.

On the complaint of Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) asked response from the advertiser Asian Paints.

In the response by Asian Paints they said that, they tried to use the humorous tone to communicate their brand benefit.

a humorous tone was adopted in their advertisement to communicate their brand / product benefits. At the beginning of the advertisement, the woman has served tea to her husband and is happily smiling when her husband responds to her neighbour that he is undertaking chemical water proofing…..she seeks her husband attention by turning his face towards her while he is speaking to their neighbour.

On this Committee shows disagreement as they observed that the protagonist’s Wife was unhappy and angry when she touches husband face.

the protagonist’s Wife is unhappy about the situation and angrily gives him an ultimatum that if the leakage persists he will have to sleep on the terrace.

The Committee did not agree with the advertiser’s submission that the Wife’s act was meant to catch the attention of the husband as said:

It depicted a much more serious tone that not only was demeaning and disrespectful in nature but also resembles the act of slapping thus normalising violence.

The Committee agreed With the complainant‘s feedback and said as:

In the context of the advertised product, the objected visuals could have been easily avoided.

So based on the committee assessment, ASCI advised Asian Paints to either remove of modify the advertisement.

We have advised the advertiser to suitably modify or Withdraw the sand advertisement by May 27. 2020

ASCI also advised Mr Deshpande to approach other forums if the advertisement not removed in the said timelines.

in case of continued non-compliance, alternate remedies are also available to complainants to approach other appropriate forums such as State Consumer Forum or National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDKC).

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