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Big Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde alleged Sidharth Shukla Abusive & Psycho, trolled on twitter


Big Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde, alleged Big Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla of being abusive in relationship with her, before the BB 13 finale. It was suprising for audience that, she remain silent all the time during his stay at Big Boss house and also she remain quite for more than 8 years of her relatioship.

Grand finally of BB13 was going on where Sidharth was one of the contestant and voting line to vote for favourite contestant was Open, a voice recording surfaced and went viral and in response to that audio Shilpa stated that she was abused and hit multiple time by Sidharth when she was in relationship with him from 2011, until he got Balika Badhu.

On talking about the voice clip, Hindustam times published as she said that, “Yeh ek conversation hai between a boyfriend (Sidharth) and girlfriend (Shilpa), kaafi maar-peet ke baad. Isne mujhe chalti gaadi se bhi feka hai. Ab main kichad mein utar aayi hun kyunki aise insaan ko winner banayenge to baakiyon ke saath nainsaafi hogi. Hamesha maarta tha (This is a conversation between a girlfriend and a boyfriend after a lot of physical abuse. He even threw me out from a running car. Now I am down to this dirt, because if such a person is made the winner, it will be injustice to others). I have even filed a police complaint against him”. published that, Shilpa called Sidharth “over-possessive, demanding, aggressive and abusive”.

Shilpa allegations for Sidharth has seriously opened a thread of questions, that why she never spoken before about such abuse. If she has spoken now, is it to gain publicity or she really faced abuse in relationship? If she was abused, then why she did not tried to settle it out-of-court or had pursued with the law, why she chosen social media route specifically when Sidharth was about to win #BB13?

We tried to find more about Shilpa Shinde’s past for her behaviour with her colleagues. It came in light that, whether it was with Romit Raj, Sanjay Kohli, or Vikas and recently the Big Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla, she has been in lime light for blaming. She had always gain sympathy by showing victim-hood, while she was given lots of love by the audiences, and as a result she even won the Big Boss 11.

Called-Off Marriage with Romit Raj

In the year 2009, Shilpa called-off her marriage with Romit Raj as they both had different ideology, and also stated that Romit was “too calculative and dominating”.

Sexual Harassment Case on Producer Sanjay Kohli

In year 2017, she had filed a sexual harassment case on producer Sanjay Kohli. Kohli was the producer of serial namely “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai” and in the serial Shilpa was performing role of “Angoori Bhabhi”. Later Kohli also filed the case of Criminal defamation against Shilpa.

Fight with Vikas

In the Vikas matter, Shilpa while talking to Arshi had apparently alleged that “Vikas had made a MMS video with a Hindi porn artist who looked like her without make-up from a certain profile”. published that Shilpa was constantly creating issues for Vikas, “Shilpa who has been constantly creating issues for Vikas, dropped something in his tea. This irked Vikas who was already not keeping well. He carried his cup of tea to the store room and poured it on Shilpa’s clothes that were kept in the suitcase. Their fight soon got out of hand as Vikas picked up one of the suitcases and threw it on the ground. He even called her a mad woman.”

Trolled on Twitter

The audience at twitter trolled her demanding to return the trophy she won in Boig Boss 11 and a hashtag of #ShilpaTrophyWapisKaro was also seen trending on twitter. After she alleged Sidharth of being abusive in relationship with her, She failed to gain the support of audience which she gained in earlier allegations.

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