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Lucknow girl beats Ola driver boy on the road for no reason, #arrestlucknowgirl trending on social media

The Lucknow girl was so aggressive that she even beaten the boy who interfered in the matter, the girl also broken the mobile phone of the driver.


Lucknow: A video of girl beating Ola driver boy is going viral on social media and netizen demanding “arrest Lucknow girl” with a hashtag #arrestlucknowgirl. Later the boy was also detained by police for “committing breach of peace” on the complaint of the girl.

In the video, the girl is seen beating a young boy Saadat Ali, who is a Ola driver and resident of Wazirganj Jagatnarayan Road. All this was happening in front of the police and went on for about 15 minutes.

The Fear of the Girl

The traffic halted due to the high-voltage drama of the girl. The girl also got entangled with the people who intervened in the matter. Even the police personnel did not shown courage to rescue the boy from the girl.

The girl also broken the mobile of the boy. In the video it can be seen that the girl dragging the Ola driver by holding his t-shirt. Finally the drama ended after intervention of the Krishnanagar police.

According to media sources, Krishnanagar ACP Swatantra Kumar Singh said to the media that, the driver collided with the girl’s car due to which the dispute arises. He also said that, the police has taken action against the boy in the complaint of the girl.

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