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CWC to handover the custody to mother, activist suggested parenting plan in place


Hyderabad, Sindhu Sharma Daughter-in-law of Former High Court judge Nooty Rama Mohan Rao, has now reached to child line for the custody of her minor daughter. CWC Expected to handover the custody to mother.

N. Sindhu Sharma Daughter-in-law of Former High Court judge Nooty Rama Mohan Rao, has already filed a complaint against the family for dowry harassment. Now protesting for her child custody.

Child Line asked both parents to appear for the counselling session along with the child on Monday. Husband Vashista attended the counselling along with his elder daughter Rishitha at the Child line Centre in Saifabad.

During the counselling, Sindhu was keep demanding the custody of the daughter which the father was not agreeing. So the counselling could not reach to any logical conclusion.

As the counselling could not reached to any conclusion, the mother Sindhu continued protested there at Child Line along with women organisations.

The matter then reached to Additional DCP, CCS G Jogaiah. After that Sindhu was counselled with her legal adviser where she agreed.

Achyuta Rao, President of “Balala Hakkula Sangham” said to media that, children below the age of 5 years should live with their mother only.

Now the matter is pending at Child Welfare Committee (CWC), since the chairman is out of station. Once the chairman will back, then the matter will decided. Till then the child is in the protection of police.

Activist Kumar, said that “it’s the child right to maintain direct contact with both the parents”, children’s are no more the property. In such situation rather satisfying their own ego or anger, both parents should come up with a “Shared Parenting Plan along with the Joint Responsibility“.

Kumar added that, “Children are considered as a person. They are a rights holder and inseparable stakeholder”. So CWC should act in the best interest of child and parenting plan should be taken place.

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