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Delhi Woman abducted child from railway station, arrested


Saturday, Delhi Police arrested a woman who abducted a child from Nizzamuddin Railway Station.

Two years ago she did second marriage with Raju. Due to that she had already gone for sterilization, she can not become mother. She abducted the child to fulfill her desire to become mother.

The woman abducted the child from Nizzamuddin Railway Station, when the child,s family was sleeping. The family was going back to Maharashtra and they spent the night at the station.

As soon as the matter came in light, police got the photograph of the woman from the CCTV footage installed at the platform. In the footage it was seen that, after the abduction of the child, she went with a man standing little far.

Then the police without delay, started inquiring with the vendors for the identification. Where one vendor identified them as Raju.

Police in the Saturday night, arrested both of them and recovered the child.
The woman said to police that, she had two son from first husband, then she went for sterilization, and after that her one son died.

She further said that, due to family dispute, her husband kept the only son with him and thrown her out. Later the woman married with Raju, and abducted the child in desire of child.

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