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#NamoAgain t-shirt Couple Jay Dave speak up after a year of allegations by wife Alpika


Jay Dave married life with Alpika Pandey, suddenly became traumatic life after the post went viral couple wearing #NamoAgain t-shirt. Post the viral tweet, wife Alpika tweeted alleging domestic violence by Jay, which was shocking for Jay and after undergoing a year of mental trauma and depression he finally speak up in public.

After a year of silence about Alpika allegation, Jay Dave expressed at facebook. In the post, he said that he tried his level best to get reunited during the period and also that he took time to come out from his own depression. Jay was feeling broken due to the conflict in relationship, but when he felt like failed in doing reconciliation at social and personal level, he finally decided to speak up.
Jay Dave tweet

On the allegation by Alpika, he mentioned that he is ready for even death punishment if he had ever tortured his wife.

I am ready for death punishment and to burn myself alive, if I ever caused intentional physical harm to her! I am tired of asking her what physical torture I did to her, but I am not given an answer till today. Because there wasn’t any!

He also clarified the reason of tweeting the photo in #NamoAgain t-shirt, that he wanted to safeguard Alpika from the death threat she was getting.

No, I didn’t make my marriage public for publicity, it was for her safety. I tweeted to PM Modi about our marriage, to safeguard her from death threat we had been facing since 2018. She had insisted on never informing the police about it and I did exactly that….. I chose to make it public without asking her thinking that, once she is in news she would be safer than any unknown girl would be.

Jay also revealed, Alpika who tweeted alleging harassment by him, later apologised for it over a call, but she denied accepting it publicly.

He also said that there was instances when they exchange of love, smiles, jokes and bitterness. It is her wish to stay away from the relationship, but Jay wanted to be freed from all such vague allegations. a result of my character assassination she did, and to move on as she doesn’t care or remember about what she did. And that she would do nothing about the allegations. I refuse to live with these allegations then…she has ignored my several requests about withdrawal of the false accusations

He remained silent due to the love, bonding and the happy time spent together. Though the couple stayed together for 33 days, but Jay’s love was not ready to accept the separation.

I remained silent and spent each day of year in mental pain, because I gave chance to our love

He also said that he opted to speak up not only for himself , but also to give message to thousands of families facing similar issues, and he want them all to #SpeakUp

Not for just myself but those thousands of families who are in much worse condition because their daughter in laws chose to file false cases against them. A Jawan of Indian army cut his head under a train because her mother in law threatened to file cases against him. Don’t we need a surgical strike on abuse of our judiciary? A Muslim man burnt himself alive after he was accused of domestic violence by his wife. Where are the secular Human Rights activists? A Sikh with hemophilia (a divyang) is accused by his wife of beating her which is scientifically not possible. But he didn’t remain silent. He spoke up for himself and he didn’t have to die, I want all such men to speak up officially and seek personal support from NGOs for men, they have helped me too.

In his post he also written for Alpika and said that, he tried to remind her their good times, emotions and also mentioned that he is not that kind of husband who will face the abuse silently.

You know that I don’t bow down, very few husbands dare to speak up. If you see how their families suffer, you would have not done this perhaps. Most of them remain silent, the only difference is their silence is driven by fear and mine was by love for you. I request you to support such victims the day you come back to senses, I have decided to dedicate a part of my life to them because I have gone through the same.

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