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Activist given ultimatum for 5 Cr NOTA vote, demanding equal rights for Men


In Bangalore on Saturday 23rd march activists of Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) which is a Men’s Rights organisation demonstrated for equal rights for men and gave ultimatum to press NOTA in upcoming general election.

SIFF is an NGO working for men’s rights and child matters. As one SIFF activist said that approximately 5 crore people are affected by the misuse of gender biased laws and they all are going to vote NOTA.

Activist Suprakash Khuntia said that, men have almost no rights as per laws related to marriage in India. There is open discrimination against men.

Anil Kumar, the founder member of SIFF said that, discrimination against Men should end now. Such discrimination is leading to break Indian family system.

Anil Kumar also said that men’s right activism, continuously doing NOTA campaign all over India. The campaign will not end, until there is no commitment from the candidates or political parties.

The activists also said that, we understand that NOTA is a medium to raise our concern and also to ensure that our concern reaching to the law makers.

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