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Chandigarh wife sets her Husband on fire, died

Set Her Husband Alive On Fire, Image Source AajTak

Friday, wife set her husband on fire, later he died during treatment. Harassment with husbands during lockdown has grown to new horizon. It's constantly raised by mens right activist about harassment with husband has grown in lockdown. Now a woman from Fazilka, Punjab set her husband alive on fire. The husband

Agra : 39 year old Wife Arrested in husband Murder Case working at BSNL

Police arrested three including deceased wife Bhavna and her Facebook friend Kapil in the murder of Virender Kumar, BSNL JTO in Panchsheel Colony of Shahganj area of ​​Agra. Bhavna and Kapil were Facebook friends and she wanted to marry him. Saturday night Virender murder was reported. Wife Bhavna informed to Virender's

चचेरे भाई के साथ अवैध संबंध में, शादी के चौथे दिन पति का कत्ल किया

Mother Killed her Son

हैदरनगर, मुजफ्फरनगर में बड़ा हीं सनसनीखेज मामला सामने आया जब कातिल भाई ने खुद हीं अपना गुनाह कबूल कर लिया. इस सनसनीखेज घटना में कातिल पत्नी का भी कत्ल पत्नी के चचेरे भाई ने कर दिया. सूत्रों के मुताबिक, हैदरनगर निवाशी शिवानी की शादी 28 फरवरी को मेरठ के समसपुर निवासी