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Abetment to suicide, case registered against wife and in-laws


Abetment to suicide, case registered against wife and in-laws

On September 30, a resident of Tibba road Ludhiana put himself on fire at his residence. He suffered from many severe burns. Although he was immediately taken to PGI Chandigarh but he couldn’t survive and took his last breath on October 06. He took this harsh step because of his wife’s harassment which was getting terrible day by day.

While talking to the police deceased father Parveen Kumar, informed that his son got married to Preeti a few years back. He also put some serious allegations on Preeti and her parents for torturing his son due to which caused him depression.

 “Since my son’s condition was critical, he could not survive. Yesterday, he died because of the hot burns at the PGI,” said Praveen Kumar.

All this happened when the deceased wife left him and started living with her parents. He was humiliated by her actions and decided to end his life.

A case has been registered against his wife Preeti Rani, her father Ramdev, her mother Soma Devi and one Vikram Kumar.

Investigation officer ASI Sukhdev Singh of the Tibba police station said after receiving a complaint on Wednesday, a case of abetment to suicide was registered against the deceased’s wife and in-laws.

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