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Mens Right Activist Perform #SurpnakhaDahan To raise concern over Rise in #FalseCases


This Dussehra, Men’s Rights Activists from all over India raised awareness programme, concerning rise of #FalseCases by women. Activist also performed #SurpnakhaDahan at various places.

Vijayadashami is a festival of celebrating the win of virtuous over evil. Effigies of Ravan and Megnath are burnt symbolically to signify the destruction of evil while giving a message to the society that the evil will always gets a bitter end.

The activist said that, “noteworthy is the fact that our gynocentric society reserves criminality to only men and excludes women symbols of evil.”

To break this gender stereotype, this Dussehra various members of Vastav Foundation, Save Indian family foundation (SIFF) and other NGO, burnt surpanakha to put forth the message to the society that “all women are not angels nor all men are criminals”.

Amit Deshpande said, “today we cut nose of Shurpanakha as symbol of punishing deceitful women & burn her & Raavan as triumph of good over evil”.

Sunday, Men’s Right Activist performed the awareness programme at Ahmedabad.

Tuesday, activist at Gaya, Bihar did silent awareness programme at various places about the #FalseCase and misuse of law by women.

Men's Right Activist awareness programme at Gaya

Activist in Ranchi, offering free food, while doing awareness programme.

Men's Right Activist offering free food

At Gwalior, M. P., activist performed #SurpnakhaDahan

Men's Right Activist performing Supnakha Dahan at Gwalior

These activist also raised voice over social media :

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