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Activist demanded Free Bus Rides for Men in Delhi and To Light Up Red Fort in Blue


A mens rights organization focused on issues related to men. Activist demanded free bus ride for Men in Delhi and also to light up Red Fort in blue on the occasion of International Mens Day 2019.

Mens Right Activist raised concern of no window to help men in system.

“Today, where many institutions are active in the empowerment of women from local bodies to the city, district, state and national level. All political parties are alert and active in the name of women, it is like there is a competition in Indian society. Today there are about 49 laws favoring of Indian women, while there are not even a single law to protect the interest of men, boys. There is not a single institution at the government level in this area where men can complain about their atrocities, be able to tell their unbearable pain.”

They also pointed Mohammad Akil matter, who put himself on fire at Rani Bagh, women Cell, Pitampura, Delhi. As per police he has been taken to hospital for further treatment. In this they said:

“So a big question arise here that how long men will suffer in the name of patriarchy.”

They opined that, the situation are just not limited to laws only, but recently the CM of Delhi announced free rides for women in Delhi buses. So to attract towards the men who are citizens of India, on the occasion of International Men’s Day 2019 which is celebrated on 19 November, we have demanded free rides for men in the buses of Delhi and the Red Fort to light up in blue.

The activist said that, it would indeed be a commendable move by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to take the step forward for gender sensitivity and equality by allowing one day free ride for men, especially when they have allowed free rides to women.

International Men’s Day is celebrated every year on November 19, but in fact, a most of people don’t even know that there is a dedicated day specifically to men. Unlike the women’s day, there is no special celebrations either at work places or even by government institutions.

The day celebrated annually to spread awareness of the issues men facing quietly. The day is not just celebrated to issues men facing, but also to remember men’s contribution towards the society and to recognize those who serve as role models.

They added that, without involving men and their issues, no real progress can be made on various social challenges and women’s issues.

Activist also said that, “companies are also required to perform their duties in this direction for the welfare of male personnel. There is no one to listen to the men who are facing marital problems or litigation or sensitive situations. Therefore most of the men are unable to tell their problems to anyone and are forced to live suffocated life.”

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