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Kaliyugi mother and her live-in partner killed a three-year-old innocent: Hyderabad


The woman who was living separately from her husband later she landed in an affair and went into a live-in relationship with her lover. A case has been registered against the Kalyugi mother and her lover both has been for beating the minor to death.

HYDERABAD: A father has lodged a complaint against his wife and his wife’s lover for beating the three-year-old son to death. The case has been registered at Jeedimetla area police station.

The three-year-old, Umesh, was the son of Suresh who was an autorickshaw driver. Four years ago, Suresh got married with Udaya. Udaya left Suresh and started living with sister along with minor son when he was just six-month-old.

Then Udaya fell into an affair with Bhaskar who was a centring worker. After that, Udaya and Bhaskar moved to a rented accommodation in Bhagatsingh Nagar in Jeedimetla.

Father Suresh, whenever he had to meet his only son, Udaya used to go to her sister’s residence.

“After moving to her sister’s house, Udaya ended up in an affair with a centring worker, Bhaskar. They took a room for rent in Bhagatsingh Nagar in Jeedimetla and whenever Suresh wanted to meet his son, Udaya used to go to her sister’s house,” Jeedimetla inspector K Balaraj said as published by The TOI.

On Tuesday, Kaliyugi mother Uday and Bhaskar hit the minor, after that the child fell unconscious. The boy was then taken to a hospital in Sooraram where the minor was declared dead. The father has filed a case against the duo for beating his child to death.

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