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Bihar: Wife attempts to kill her husband, she was in an extramarital relationship for quite some time


Aurangabad: Wife attempted to kill her husband by suffocating him, the husband is in critical situation and he is unable to speak.

The husband Pintu Sharma, is a resident of Goh district, Bihar. Pintu Sharma lived with his wife in Gaya, Bihar for some time. After that he went to Hyderabad in search of better work opportunities. In his absence, his wife used to engage in sexual relations with another man, who was her lover for quite some time.

When Pintu Sharma returned from Hyderabad, he went to his wife’s parental home, as he came to know that his wife was at her parent’s place in Goh, Bihar. At midnight, the wife attempted to kill Pintu Sharma by suffocating him. Somehow she wasnot successful in her act because the victim husband started crying for help that woke up the neighbours. According to the news report, he is hospitalized and is in critical condition.

Pintu Sharma cannot speak and is undergoing treatment in a hospital. He shared his grievances by writing his story on a piece of paper. According to him, his wife continued to have sexual relations with her lover out of wedlock. Pintu Sharma knew about this act for quite some time and even confronted his wife many times about the affair. Each confrontation would lead to a series of unresolved quarrels and the situation worsened between the couple.

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