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Bhopal: 10 years imprisonment to woman for falsely accusing 4 neighbors of gang rape


Bhopal, a woman and her son-in-law in an illicit relationship decided to frame their four neighbors in 2014 due to personal vendetta.

Wednesday, A 46-year-old woman named Guddi Ojha has been sentenced to 10 years in jail by the ADJ of Ashok Nagar for falsely accusing four of her neighbors of gang rape in Madhya Pradesh’s Ashok Nagar district. The lies of culprit woman revealed after the DNA test.

“the woman and her son-in-law were in a relationship and decided to frame their four neighbors in 2014 because she did not get along with them”, additional district prosecutor Mohammad Azam of Ashok Nagar district, Bhopal as published in Hindustan Times.

“Ashok Nagar’s first additional sessions judge Mahesh Kumar Chauhan on Wednesday sentenced the woman, Guddi Ojha and her son-in-law Gopal Rajak to serve 10 years in prison for falsifying evidence and criminal conspiracy, six months jail for providing false information to a public servant”, as published by Hindustan Times.

The Public prosecutor:

The Public prosecutor Jafar Qureshi said the cases a rare case, when the police has charged a woman for filing false rape case and taken to a logical conclusion.

Mens Rights Activist Voice in the matter:

It is a landmark case when a woman has to undergo DNA testing so quickly, otherwise it usually takes a decade and by then men continue to suffer from abuse the process of law.

The process of arrest should be based on physical evidences, not on the mere someone’s testimony.

The Case:

In August 2014, the woman, who lost her husband in 2011, filed a complaint that she was gang-raped by four people who lived in her neighborhood. Police arrested the accused after lodging the FIR under section 376 D. The medical report of the woman confirmed rape and her clothes and vaginal swab were taken for further investigation”.

The Lies Reveled:

The DNA test report revealed the truth that the woman was not raped by any of the accused neighbors. Then after the sample was taken from her son-in-law on the request of the accused neighbor’s, which gets matched with the sperm samples collected from the woman’s clothes.

Police Investigation:

During the police interrogation, Gopal Rajak confessed that he was in an illicit relationship with mother-in-law Guddi. He also confessed that they file the false gang rape case to implicate their neighbours, who used to fight with them.

“It was a serious case as the woman alleged that the four accused barged into her house and raped her in the night,” said the police officer.

During investigations, we also found many witnesses who said the four accused were not present at the same place together but it was a DNA test that conclusively exposed the fraud. We are happy that we succeeded in punishing the woman and the man for abusing the law,” VP Singh Jat as published in Hindustan Times.

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