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Muzaffarpur: Humiliated by wife and in-laws, man commits suicide after killing son-daughter


In Muzaffarpur district of Bihar, a man has committed suicide after killing his son and daughter. He took this step after feeling humiliated by his wife and in-laws who had called him to settle the dispute between the husband and wife.

Deceased Deepak Rai (37) has committed suicide after killing his two children. Before the incident, he had left a suicide note and also recorded his last video on mobile, in which he said that he was threatened by in-laws to separate him from the children and also faced humiliation when he went there at in-laws place to settle the dispute with his wife.

“When I reached my wife’s house in Kamtaul village in Darbhanga district, she and her family members humiliated me before the local police officials. They asked me to send our children to her custody”, deceased Deepak said in the video clip.

He also mentioned in his suicide note that he has killed his children.

“I returned home to Bhelwa village on Monday evening. After having dinner, the children went to sleep. I have suffocated them using a pillow and will hang myself from a ceiling fan”, in his suicide note.

The area in-charge Rajkumar reached to the spot as soon as he come to know about the incident. Police sent the bodies of three for postmortem.

According to the family, deceased Deepak with his children went to sleep after dinner on Monday night. Next day when the family found the door closed then family members in suspicion saw inside the room through the window, then they come to know about the incident.

The SHO also confirmed that there was no wound observed on the bodies of children so they must have been killed by strangulation or have been suffocated with a pillow.

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