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The Dark Side of Society, Woman held Faridabad businessman hostage demanded Rs 50 lakhs ransom


Faridabad: In the midst of society where men can do anything for women, where it is believed that culprit is men and women are victim, here comes the news which opposes this notion. The woman called the businessman to help, she then held him hostage upon his arrival and beaten with a hockey stick.

A dark incident took place, when a business was called by a woman to her flat seeking help. Business man Krishnalal Bareja haling from Sukhdev nagar,Panipat was held hostage by a woman and her friends, where he was beaten by hockey sticks and was demanded Rs 50 lakhs ransom.

The mastermind behind this whole plan is Vandana Kumari, is a female whom we society always thought of victim. They meet up 2 years ago when the businessman purchased a t-shirt from the Vandana’s clothing store. Then Vandana wanted to be a friend with Krishnalal which he refused.

After 2 years, she again started messaging Krishnalal from new number in last week of may. Vandana started asking help for money from Krishanalal as her business was going down due to lokdown. After calling several times Vandana called Krishnalal to a apartment in sec-45 (Rail vihar) society, Faridabad.

The business man went there to help her as like a responsible men do whenever they see a women asking for help because “men will be men”…But it’s famously said “All that glitters is not gold”. When Krishanlal arrived at apartment he was beaten and threatened using pistol by Vandana and her savage gang.

The business man was asked rupees 50 lakh ransom. He in seek of bringing money, went outside apartment and told his friend Manoj who was there in car, where his friend call the police. After arrival of the police the culprit woman and her friends absconded and hence businessman was saved. Police has told that, we have registered a complaint and soon we will arrest all of them whosoever has done this crime.

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