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NCW Chief reacted, Chattisgarh women commission’s chief says girls file rape cases after separation


Chattisgarh women commission chief, Kiranmayee Nayak stated that “most girls file FIR for rape after separation”, NCW chief Rekha Sharma reacted on the Nayak’s remarks.

Where it is believed that rape cases are underreported in society, Nayak’s remarks has come as a myth breaker of the taboo.

“If a married man lures a girl into an affair, she must understand whether the man is lying to them and whether he will help them survive or not. If that is not the case, both of them, mostly, approach the police. In most of the cases, girls have a consensual relation, a live-in and then lodge FIR for rape after separation”, Kiranmayee Nayak told to reporters published by mid-day.

Ms Nayak said, “Our efforts through the commission are to ensure that we settle as many domestic disputes as we can. For this we often scold women and men, and try to convince them… in a way it’s counselling”.

“Not every love story is a filmy love story. Understand your reality and be practical,” Ms Nayak said.

“No matter how hi-tech our society becomes, even today, the atrocities against the women are not decreasing despite they being educated”, she added.

Nayak said, “In view of these cases, the Women’s Commission is doing a commendable job to solve various problems faced by women. The hearing of pending cases is also going on continuously. Till now, we have reported more than 500 cases from the time I became the president. I became the president in July during COVID-19 times.”

NCW chief Rekha Sharma in her tweet, has asked Chattisgarh CMO to look into the matter. She has expressed concern that if SCW chairperson has such ‘premitive mindset’ then where will the victim go.

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