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A young Malayalam actress alleges molestation by two men in a mall in Kerala, state commission took suo moto cognizance


A young Malayalam actress has alleged that two men misbehaved with her at the Lulu mall in Kerala, the duo touched her and her sister inappropriately.

The state commission took suo moto cognizance in the matter based on the actress’ post on social media.

The actress wrote on Instagram, “I’m not the one to rant often on social media. But what happened today is something I can’t seem to let go. Two men walked past me in a generously spaced aisle in lulu hypermarket which barely had people crowding and one of them not so accidentally grazed his hand on my back while walking past me. Because it caught me off guard I couldn’t react immediately.”, India Today published.

She further added in the post, “The fact that it looked deliberate even for her made it clear that I was not imaging this. I was blank for a minute trying to process this. I walked towards them but they completely ignored me. I made sure that he knew I understood. And they both left the aisle immediately.”

She also said in the post, “I was still so angry because I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t think of a sensible sentence at that time. My sister and I left the aisle and joined my mom and brother at the vegetable counter. These men apparently followed us. While my mom and brother got busy picking up things Su and I were trying to move the cart to bill. These men came to us again and this time that guy had the audacity to talk to me and my sister. Trying to get closer as he spoke. He wanted to know the names of the movies. I have been a part of. We turned a cold shoulder and asked the guy to mind his own business and leave. When my mom walked towards us they left.”

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