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Meerut Constable committed suicide due to harassed by wife and system in lockdown


Constable Vijay Gaud committed suicide due to harassed by wife and system. He revealed the reason of suicide in a video, which he made before committing suicide.

Vijay Gaud was serving as constable with UP Police and he was deployed at SSP office Merrut. He was made accused by his wife and police were investigating the matter.

Constable Vijay Gaud allegedly committed suicide at his Ganganagar residence. He made a video before he took the extreme step.

In the video, he stated that he was harassed by his wife and in-laws. He also faced humiliation during the investigation.

In his video he stated that all his money to be distributed between his parents and family members.

In his video he also stated that, the he was not heard by the investigation officer and also he was abused and humiliated by the officials.

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