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Does NCW purposely deleted Poll, as this was raising Male Issues?


NCW took out its opinion polls from Twitter. Users on Twitter speculated that NCW purposely deleted the poll because it was raising male issues while the NCW only serves to help women.

On 22 May, The National Commission for Women (NCW) launched an opinion poll on Twitter over “violence with men and female”, but the poll was missing on the very next day. In the poll, NCW asked users “who is the risk of harassment in general”.

The users at twitter, then flood the twitter when they found the poll missing. They speculated that, poll was intentionally removed by NCW.

Approximately thousand of user participated in the poll, and only 9 percent said that, “women at risk” while 74 percent said that “its men who are at risk”.

Twitter user speculated that NCW destroyed the voting, because they did not get the desired vote.

Users also called it an “anti-mail commission” and cited it as a reason for the poll to be removed.

Some users said it a defeat for NCW.

Some users said it that, the poll revealed the lies of NCW, who constantly stating that “women getting harassed during lockdown” and they did not liked it when the poll was not going as per their expectations.

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