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Delhi’s young Boy committed suicide in fear of injustice, blamed female friend Neha Jindal and Singer Sumit Goswami


September 29, Delhi’s young boy Aman Baisla committed suicide after being bullied, threatened and harassed by his friend Neha Jindal and Haryanvi singer Sumit Goswami. Aman was found hanging in his office in Rohini.

Before taking the extreme step, the deceased Aman Bisla had uploaded six videos. In these videos, he has shared many evidences in form of chat, regarding his innocence as well as the events that led him to his suicide. He stated in the video that, he had started a business in partnership with his female friend Neha Jindal after taking a loan from Neha’s father. Then she left the business giving some reason and started working with the Haryanvi Singer namely Sumit Goswami.

Aman had also claimed in video that, he had repaid the loan of Neha’s father in September, 2019. Later on two occasions, Neha borrowed rupees 5 lakhs each time from Aman. First Five lakhs he had given from his own while for next five lakhs he borrowed from his friend on interest for Neha.

Aman has also shared video of Neha when he demanded his money back, where she is threatened to commit suicide and also shared a video where Neha’s mother seen crying. He also alleged Sumit for threatening him, when the deceased asked his money back.

He further alleged that one day Neha called him to meet and during their meeting, Neha tore her clothes inside the car and threatened to file a false rape case. After the incident, she called him demanding 10 lakhs rupees and threatened him again for a false rape case and gave him October 2020 deadline.

From his video, he was tired from the threat of Neha and Sumit and having no option to save himself hence opted to commit suicide. He also said that “no one will believe my innocence.. Media will call me a rapist”

He also said in video that, “when Shushant Singh Rajput’s matter is running in circle, how would I get justice, my matter will also end rotating”.

get me justice, Shushant brother could not get it“, was the Aman’s last wish.

In his more than half an hour of video, although he was broken and had decided to quit, he had mix short of emotions and it was also seen that he is trying to stop himself crying, he also said, “boys never cry and girl take its advantage”

He had mix short of emotions in his more than half an hour of video. However he was broken, had fear of injustice and decided to quit, he was still seen controlling his emotions. He also said, “boys never cry and girl take its advantage”

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