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Mens Rights NGO questions women commission for claims of increased domestic violence with women during lockdown


The National Commission for Women (NCW) has been continuously expressing concern over increasing domestic violence with women during lockdown, concerning this NCW has also launched a WhatsApp number. Mens rights NGO has published statistics which reveals, it is mostly male who are victim of domestic violence during lockdown.

It is believed that victims of domestic violence are mostly wives, on this mens rights organisation has published data of male domestic abuse.

Complaint at Women Commission during Lockdown
Complaint at Women Commission during Lockdown

Recently a national news livehindustan also published statistics related to domestic violence complaint, which says conversion of complaint into FIR is approximately 3.25 percent.

Mens rights organisation namely SIF-One published that, they received approximately 12053 calls from husband between 1st of Jan to 26th Apr 2020 regarding male domestic abuse. The organisation also confirmed that call rate has been reduced to 40 percent during the lockdown.

It further quotes that “Men who are under grave threat at homes and are unable to even seek support. Unlike Women, Men don’t get any gender budgets from Government of India to get support. Laws, System, Budgets, are all against Men in reality. The effect is showing up on our Helpline call data.”

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