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Zomato announces Leave for Father in Parental Leave Policy


Monday, Zomato introduced 26 week paternity leave in their Parental Policy, which is a benchmark for India. The idea of new parental policy, is to encourage joint responsibility between the parents and also to give a push to gender-neutral organisation.

Zomato offered 26 week paid paternity leave to their male employees, or it may be more depending on the government mandated policy. Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal mentioned in the blog for the need of same parental leave policy for men and women.

“According to me, a lot of that imbalance at the top stems from an unequal leave policy for men and women when they welcome their children to this world.”

Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal mentioned in the blog:

“We will be offering exactly the same benefits to men as well. There won’t be even an iota of difference in parental leave policy for men and women at Zomato going forward.”

The company welcome the new born and considering the financially straining after the arrival of new child, offered $1000 for the care.

the new parents will also be given an endowment of $1000, per child, as they welcome their new baby to the world.

This policy will also apply to surrogacy, adoption and same-sex partners and also for those employees who have had children in the last 6 months.

Deepinder Goyal to empower parents taking decisions for the care of their children, said:

I believe that young parents should be able to make a choice of how to care for their children. And that a myopic view of primary care-giving not only alienates one half of our workforce, but also creates circumstances that lead to fewer female leaders within organisations, the community and the nation.

Deepinder Goyal also used an African proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child. And while a village is ideal, a world where both parents are allowed, rather encouraged to assume equal responsibility is a fair start.”

Deepinder Goyal also shared his wish to institutionalise “paid parental leave”:

We also wish that governments across the world institutionalised paid parental leave (the way Nordics do) – that will be the right thing to do for organisations as well as individuals. In fact, it’s time all major organisations took a step towards this much needed way of life.

Deepinder Goyal has emphasized for gender-neutral communities:

We will never have truly gender-neutral organisations unless we have gender-neutral communities and gender-neutral nations

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