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Yes, Myself and My Family Suffered due to #MeToo : Shefali Shah


Misuse of #MeToo will affect the much needed movement and women should be made responsible for the same.

Shefali Shah
Shefali Shah

Shefali Shah is doing a TV series ‘Delhi Crime Report’ which has 7 part. She is playing role of the female DCP who is investigating Nirbhaya Rape case.

She shared in a chat with Ed, that many people not aware of the fact that the female DCP took the case as a personal mission, to find the accused who were involved in the heinous crime. She added that at many occasions she had to control her emotions.

Shefali Shah

She added that, women also falsely accusing men of rape at numerous occasions, and such women are making mockery of #MeToo. She further said that the movement has reached to her personal life because her husband Vipul Shah was also accused falsely of sexual harassment by actress Elnaaz Norouzi.

She said that due to the #MeToo movement women got a much needed platform and they were heard, but it is also horrible that women using the movement as tool. Misuse is impacting men’s lives it can destroy men’s family life, career, reputation, and in such situation no one want to listen and believe on accused man once he made accuse in sexual harassment.

She added, accused must be penalised if found guilty, but if any woman found falsly framing any man should also be made accountable for misusing law and movement.

In past many social activists has raised their voices about the growing misuse of protection laws and such movement like #MeToo.

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