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Separation from family took life of Kushal Punjabi


Thursday night at 11.10 pm, the 37-year-old actor Kushal Punjabi committed suicide by tying himself from the fan at his Bandra residence. He given 50 percent of his wealth to three year old son.

TimesofIndia published Kushal’s friend Chetan Hansraj interview that, “Yes, it is a suicide. He was going through separation from his wife and he was also down with sickness. I still can’t believe that Kushal is no more with us. I spoke to him a couple of days ago and he discussed with me that he was disturbed. I tried telling him that things happen in life and he should just fight back. But I never imagined that he will take such a step. It is heartbreaking.

Actor Chetan further said that, Kushal was a fun loving and positive guy and he is still in the state of shock.

Kushal got married in year 2015 with Audrey Dolhen and they were blessed with a son namely Kian. Wife Audrey Dolhen along with son Kian, living separately from Kushal from a quite long time at Shanghai and she wanted divorce from husband.

No one could find the pain of Kushal under which he was going through. DCP revealed that Kushal’s parents with Actor Chetan Hansraj, went to Kushal’s house to check, where they found him hanging in the fan.

In his suicide note, states that no one is responsible for his death.He was facing separation with family at the same time he was also facing financial issues. Republic reported

He wrote a one and a half page suicide note in English. In the suicide note, he wrote – 50 percent of his wealth should be shared equally between his parents and sister, the remaining 50 percent should be given to his three-year-old son.

Kushal’s demise has left his friends and followers in shock, they still not able to believe.

Team, respect the actor’s efforts for the society and giving last tribute to his soul.

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