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Delhi: Three women arrested for falsely accusing a 61-year-old man in molestation case, Women’s law is becoming a means of sextortion


Rajouri Garden Police has busted a gang and arrested three women for honey trapping and blackmailing a man. Two of these women are divorced and also real sisters.

The gang used to trap the elderly in their net and then they accuses them of sex and molestation to earn money, and due to the nature of the allegations, the elderly used to pay them quietly to save their respect and sextortion became business for them.

All three women are between 28 years to 31 years old. The two-sisters are of Gujarat origin and both were living separately from their husbands. The duo used to send third women to trap the targtetted man and then after the man gets into their trap net, all three extorted money from the victim.

The women-gang were playing with the victim man threatening them to misuse the process of law. The women-gang used to threaten the victim that the laws are very strict in the country and they will not even get bail.

In this case, the work of Delhi Police is very commendable. On 7 April (this year), a 25-year-old woman filed a complaint at Moti Bagh police station, against a 61-year-old man for forcibly establishing a physical relationship with her. In this case, the police decided to take action after investigating both the sides. Several round of questioning was conducted with the 61-year-old Dinesh Chand Mahajan and the complainant woman. At the same time, the statement of the complainant was also recorded before the officers in the Delhi Women’s Commission.

Based on the input from the complainant’s statement, the police sensed some conspiracy, therefore, a medical examination of the woman complaining was also conducted. The Police team also got the information that the gang has already taken 10 lakh rupees from the victim man. But the troo escaped before taking any further action in the case.

The police arrested the woman from Jaipur after scanning around 150 CCTV footage, enquired for her at various locations, collected informations from auto and bus drivers, and also using Google Maps.

Source News18

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