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Shimla: Wife beats husband for not letting her chat on Whatsapp, broken the teeth

wife beats her husband for not letting her chat on Whatsapp | Thursday, 23rd September 2021

Shimla: Reports came in on Thursday, 23rd September 2021, at the Chhaila police station of Theog of a woman assaulting her husband. It is a place adjacent to Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

In the matter, the husband stopped her from messaging on Whatsapp, a popular instant messaging app. The wife, on being stopped, could not control her anger and, in a fit of rage, started to assault her husband. This broke his teeth.

She then started beating him with a stick. The police have registered the report, and the investigation is underway. This is a very strange case as never before it has been heard that a wife assaults her husband, and that too for the reason of not letting them talk on WhatsApp. Social media is taking over the life of people so fast that it is becoming impossible to differentiate digital from reality.

The husband has reportedly undergone a medical investigation. The police registered the complaint of the injured husband. The report has been registered under the provisions of assault in IPC.

What did Shimla’s SP Monika say?

Shimla SP Monika has stated that the report has already been registered on Thursday evening. The investigation is going on against the accused woman. Assault provisions of IPC against the women are Sec 341, 323, and 506. The police did not comment any further since it is an investigation ongoing. Also, the police have stated that the real reason for assault can only be determined after the investigation is over.

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