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Jabalpur : Husband committed suicide due to false case of dowry harassment


After the death of wife, his in-laws filed a case of dowry death. In the suicide note, he mentioned demand of 50 lakh by in-laws.

It is a bitter truth that such false cases of dowry harassment are growing in society. In year 2017, even Supreme Court observed the misuse of the law to approximately 86 percent.

Wednesday, Umesh a resident of Aadhartaal, Jabalpur, killed himself finding no way to save himself. He wrote a very emotional massage for his father on a 10 rupee note that;

“Papa I will born as your son in every birth” (पापा हर जन्म में आपका बेटा बनूँ)

“The husband mentioned in his suicide note”

His wife died due to piles, and his father-in-law thaught that, she died due to harassment for dowry.

In his suicide note, he also mentioned that his in-laws used to visit his residence and fight with his father. He also wrote that, father-in-law used to demand 50 lakh rupee.

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Adi Satria Pangestu February 13, 2020 at 4:42 pm

I like reading through a post that can make men and women think. Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment! How do we communicate?


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