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Hyderabad : law Student accused advocate of rape, arrested


The law student said in her complainant that, she went to advocate’s residence for the discussion of internships, where the advocate committed rape.

The advocate had recently, exposed link of a Congress personal with the shell companies. Friday the advocate was arrested in Rape charges.

Police said to media, that the accuse was also named in 16 other cases related to land accusation.

The student first met with the advocate at the City Civil Court, for her internship. Then after few days she was asked by advocate to visit his residence for discussion of internship.

The student mentioned in complaint, that the advocate at his residence, took sexual advances and threatened to remain silent.

On Thursday, she was again called by advocate at his residence, where he demanded ransom and threatened the student to trap in adultery. Deccan Chronical reported.

The advocate has been arrested under various IPC sections 376, 385, 506, and 504.

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