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Delhi : Women Came Forward Demanding Formation of Men’s Commission

Jantar Mantar: On Sunday a large number of people including women gathered at Jantar Mantar to strengthen their voice for men’s commission.
Men Commission
Jantar Mantar, Demand for Men Commission

The protesters referred NCRB data that every year almost 1 lakh men are committing suicides and most of them killing themselves because of domestic violence and gender biased laws.

Activist from all over India gathered and demanded formation of men’s commission. Around 300 protesters asked the law for protection of men from domestic violence and gender neutral laws.

Protesters said, nobody listen to a men when he is in need. Always men are considered guilty without any proof.

They were concerned that, many laws has enacted to protect women’s from harassment, but most of these are now widely misused.

Protesters Demand

  • Formation of Men Commission
  • Protection of Men from misuse of law against them
  • Men welfare schemes
  • Shared Parenting for the children’s care and protection

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