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Congress will scrap TT bill if came in Power, Men’s Right Activists welcome it as sigh of little relief to Indian Males


Sushmita Dev, in a AICC minority convention said, the bill was to harass Muslim men.

In the presence of Rahul Gandhi at the conference, Shushmita Dev said, the law is not to exactly to empower Muslim women. This is to break the community by harassing Muslim men and said it as a weapon against the Muslim men.

Rahul Gandhi said that it is government’s responsibility to protect not to harass and promised that Congress will reiterate the bill.

Arun Jaitley said, it as repetition of Congress history and the way the Congress overturned in the matter of Shah Bano in 1978, the same way Rahul want to repeat for vote.

In this regard, Men’s Right Activist welcomed this and said that they are happy that atleast men of a particular segment are being heard, their pain is recognized by politicians.

Men’s rights Activist, also mentioned that Indian males are harassed in 498a, they are being jailed including the female family members and senior citizens. They added that all these been discussed in TT debate at parliament but no one opposed it, so they ask why the politicians cry for a particular segment.

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