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Actor Mahesh Anand, A Lost Father


The actor was living alone at his residence as his wife was separated since birth of the their only son.

Mahesh Anand

Recently after a gap of almost 15 years, last month, his movie “Rangeela Raja” was released with Govinda.

Mahesh Anand
Mahesh Anand

His body was found in mysterious conditions and there is assumption that he passed away last Saturday. While police is also looking his suicide angle.

In his earlier interview he revealed some of his pain. He spoke that he got some major injury during a film shooting and he was bedridden for 3 years. During the period he lost 38 kg and was “all alone with the thought of his son”.

Mahesh Anand

In his interview the actor spoken, his son even don’t know him. So he gave message to his son “Trishul” saying “I am Mahesh Anand, I am your father”. Further he wished son, mother and step father and express wish to be called “Papa” by Trishul and hug him.

Mahesh Anand

In the interview he added that, Trishul was taken away when he was just nine month old, and now he is 25 year old.

His interview was more centric towards his son and love for son. Reportedly the family lives in Moscow.

Team, respect the actor’s efforts for the society and giving last tribute to his soul.

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