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The Golden Woman, Paid Tribute to Father, said he ate food kept for cattle feed


Gomathi Marimuthu, winner of 800m race at Asian Athletics Championship, held at Doha. She went emotional after securing Gold Medal and said, father would have been happy seeing her achievements. She also said that “I consider him like God”.

She said that, she was confident, she achieved without sufficient help by Government and by her own money. She added that she was out of camp for a month, and prepared outside alone.

During her interaction with media, she did not forget her coach Mr Bhatia, who helped her during training, and even he helped her over call, when she was out.

She also asked Government support for her preparation in upcoming Olympic.

She tributed to her father and remembered father’s sacrifices.

She went emotional during her interaction with media, and she could not control her tears. She remembered her father and said, that her father ate food which was kept for cattle feed, so that healthy food can be served to her.

“I miss my father. Since I was into sports, and we didn’t have much food, he kept aside some for me and ate cattle feed. I can never forget that one day.” Sony ESPN reported.

She also said that, her father used to wakeup before she wakes up, so that she could catch the bus on time. She added that, her father served her food, water, boiled milk, when her mother went sick.

“My father was not able to walk when I was training for the championship. We don’t have bus or light facilities in my village. So to catch the bus at 4.30am my father used to wake me up at 4am and help me with household work if my mother is not well. I miss him,” The News Minute reported.

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