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Delhi Police has arrested 5 women for luring men in their sextortion racket through online friendship app


Delhi Police has busted a sextortion racket who used to lure rich men into their sextortion racket after befriending them through online friendship app.

The police has arrested 5 members of the gang, including a woman named Sonu Suri, who is believed to be the mastermind of this gang. The sextortion racket was running in the Dabri area, Dwarka district. This gang used to lure rich men into their trap after befriending them through online friendship app.

The accused woman Sonu revealed the plan during the interrogation that she used to get the mobile numbers of targets using an online dating application. She used to provide their mobile numbers to Sheetal Arora, who then used to invite the targeted person at the Revti’s residence.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka) Shankar Choudhary on 26 Oct said that, “She lured him to a house and gave a glass of water to drink. He fell unconscious after that and when he came to, the businessman found himself on a bed naked. Six women and three men present there assaulted him and robbed him of ₹15,700, his wristwatch and gold ring. They threatened to kill him if he did not pay them ₹7 lakh,” as published by Hindustan Times.

“They extorted money from the victim on the pretext of filing a false rape charge,” said Choudhary.

The investigation also revealed that the gang members used to lure victims to their house and later on drugged them. After making them unconscious by intoxicating them, they used to take victims photographs in objectionable poses with women of her gang. Then Sonu and her associates allegedly start extorting money from men after threatening to frame them in false rape cases.

“We have recovered some police file covers, extorted money and other articles from the arrested persons. The gang members have confessed to extorting valuables from nearly 40 men in the past couple of years. We have recovered a diary containing details of 34 victims and their self-written statement admitting guilt and a signed compromise agreement. All of them will be contacted during the probe,” informed an investigator to HT Correspondent.

The matter-

DCP Shankar Chaudhary of Dwarka district said that on October 23, he received a complaint from a timber dealer to the Dabri police station. The businessman informed that he received a call from a woman named Pooja, who wanted to buy a plyboard. On October 21, when he was in the Janakpuri area Pooja called him on WhatsApp and asked him to meet.

DCP Shankar Chaudhary said that the mastermind of this gang, Soni Suri, was arrested in the case of rape in 2013 and has also been sentenced for the same, While in jail, she formed her own gang and then came out and started this business again.

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