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Tikri: Husband hanged himself being tired from constant quarrel of wife and also made a video before committing suicide


An incident of a young man committing suicide from Tikri village, Bhilwara Rajasthan has shaken the core of everyone. The reason behind this shocking incident is a tussle with his wife.

 Before the suicide, he also made a video expressing his pain. In this video, he is seen crying and saying, “What have I done so terrible for you? After this, the young man commits suicide.

When the family reached the incident spot they saw a young man was hanging from the noose. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and kept the body in the mortuary. According to the police, a preliminary investigation has revealed that there used to be quarrels between the husband and wife.

Hanuman Nagar police station in charge Mohammad Imran said that on Thursday, Khushraj Meena (30), a resident of Tikri village, committed suicide by making a noose of an electric wire in his room. In the initial investigation, it has come to the notice that there was a dispute between Khushraj and his wife for a long time. On the day of the suicide, they quarrelled over some issue. After that, the wife went out. The husband made a video from behind and then committed suicide.

Police officials said that Khushraj was married to Priyanka 8 years ago. They have two children. Khushi is a truck driver. The police are probing about what happened on Thursday.

video made before suicide

Khushraj also made a 26-second video on his mobile before committing suicide. In this video, he is seen crying and crying. The video is also about the fight between the two. He said, “What have I done to you, you are doing to me like this?” Whose hatred is being taken out.’ However, the young man said this whole thing in his local dialect.

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