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Shocking, mother stabbed her 3-year-old son to death to punish her husband: UP


Sunday night, mother (Kesh Kumari), repeatedly stabbed her 3-year-old son which lead to his death. She then tried to take her own life and slit her throat but saved by in-laws and neighbours.

The woman is resident of Baijnath village in Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh. Her husband Rakesh Verma works as a labourer. He was building a new house near his house and on the night of the alleged incident he went to sleep with his son in his new house while the mother and her mother-in-law stayed in the old house.

Kesh Kumari wanted to go to her parent’s house on the occasion of Holi, but husband Rakesh did not agree, which lead to a dispute between husband and wife.

On the night of the alleged incident, Kesh Kumari came to the new house and stabbed her son to punish her husband, and then she also slit her throat, but was saved by her husband and sister-in-law. Then the family silently buried the son in their land.

The Antu Kotwali police detained the accused mother into custody on Monday evening after the incident came into their knowledge. The police have also detained the husband and other family members and sent the child body for postmortem.

Source India TV News

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